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Finding a Saddle

Buying a Saddle Welcome to Pelham Saddlery- Shop New & Used Saddles- Dressage saddles, Hunter Jumper Close Contact saddles, Event saddles, and All Purpose saddles. Sometimes we receive Endurance Saddles, Side Saddles, Treeless Saddles, Australian Stock Saddles, Gaited Horse saddles, Iberian Saddles, and Spanish Saddles. These are all listed on our Other Used Saddles Page. Are you looking for a particular saddle brand? You can also see our new and used saddles for sale listed by their brand names.

We offer a 7 day test ride on ALL of our in stock saddles. The saddle inventory on our website is updated frequently, so chances are if you see it on the web, Pelham still has it. Keep in mind that saddles are not removed from the site until they are sold, so saddles may be out on trial! All saddles ordered via the website are automatically set up as a trial- not a purchase. Feel free to read our complete trial policy here .

How to find a saddle-
All of our saddles are organized by discipline (Dressage, Jumping, etc). Within each section, saddles are then organized by seat size or tree size. You may also choose to look at only new saddles, or only consignment saddles. On any saddle page, you can use our sort option to arrange the saddle listings by newest to the web, brand name (Name a-z/z-a), Item number (Code a-z/z-a), and even price (Price 0-9/9-0).

A note about Consignment saddle measurements-
Methods of measuring saddle seat and tree sizes can vary greatly between manufacturers. Also, many saddles are hand-made. This fact alone, can make two saddles of identical brands and model vary from one another in measurements. Saddles can also change shape through the years because of use or adjustments made to the tree or flocking. Because of this, we measure every saddle that comes into our store, and sort the saddles by their true measurements. This way, if the saddle runs a little large (or small) in the seat or tree, you won't waste your time trying the wrong size. We also take a photo of every saddle front with a ruler to help you see for yourself how wide (or narrow) the saddle tree runs. We also try to note any under the saddle description, any tree or seat size that was stamped or otherwise indicated by the manufacturer.

Guidelines for saddle descriptions:
  • Fair: Consignment saddle with a lot of wear all over; possibly some cracking of leather or loose/undone stitching; serviceable/could need minor repairs i.e. billets, restuffing; shows heavy/very heavy use
  • Good: Consignment saddle in good usable condition with usable billets; normal wear on flaps & seat from boots & leathers; possibly some fading of color in high contact areas & some surface cracking; flocking/panels usable but may be bumpy; shows moderate/heavy use
  • Excellent: Consignment saddle in very good condition with good billets & flocking; leather in great shape with very little wear or scuffs; no fading of color; all stitching intact; shows only light use/ resembles/is demo saddle
  • Demo: Saddle is owned by Pelham Saddlery and shows only light use with only a slight rub on flap and slight creases on billets.
  • New: Saddle is owned by Pelham Saddlery and is available in new and/or demo condition.

    We try to describe our used saddles as accurately and thoroughly as possible, but we do not warranty them to be in any particular condition, free of defects, or of any particular age. This goes for stamped information on the saddle as well, which can sometimes seem inaccurate. Many saddles are stamped wide, but measure medium- stamped 17", but measure 18", etc. It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify that the saddle is suitable for horse and rider during the trial period. Certainly feel free to email or call us if you have a question!

    Need help?
    Pelham Saddlery has knowledgeable staff to help guide you to a perfect saddle match. You can email us at Please email questions about our store or any products to Pelham Saddlery at info@pelhamsaddlery.net. We can work with wither tracings and pictures to help you narrow down what we have that might be a possible match for you and your horse. You are welcome to email us pictures. Please do not email wither tracings; either fax them or bring them in. We have a certified saddle fitter in our store who is available a few days a week for phone consultations. She is also available for farm visits in the central New England area, and can bring a selection of saddles to you for a fee. She is also able to make flocking adjustments to saddles you may already own. To set up an appointment, please contact Janie directly at jmsaddles@gmail.com for more information.

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