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Consignment Policies

Pelham Saddlery Consignment Policies:

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT send any other items with your saddle (stirrup leathers, saddle covers, irons, girths, etc.)

Please read through the in its entirety as it will cover our policies regarding consignment, payment, and the care your saddle will receive while it is with us at Pelham.


  • We take a 25% commission (saddles listed for over $700) off the selling price of your saddle, and send you a check for the remainder. 

  • We take a 30% commission (saddles listed for $700 and under) off the selling price of your saddle, and send you a check for the remainder. 

  • Once your saddle sells, your check will be mailed out at the end of the month following the month in which your saddle sells. For example, if your saddle sells in June, your check will be mailed at the end of July. 


    • We will perform a complete safety and integrity check of your saddle, to be certain that there are no safety issues, defects, twists or breaks in the tree, billets, etc. 

    • In the event that your saddle has a  problem that can be fixed to make it usable again,  we will call you to find out if you would like to have it repaired. If you do not wish to have the repair done, if the tree is broken or if the saddle is unsafe and cannot be repaired, the saddle will be returned to you at your expense. You are welcome to call or email us for a repair quote if you know your saddle will need repairing.

    • The cleaner your saddle is, the faster we can sell it. We highly recommend that you pay for a professional detailing of your saddle. Detailing your saddle includes a full cleaning, deep conditioning and a redying of the leather back to its original color (if needed). If you would like us to do a complete detailing of your saddle for you, please send a check made out to Pelham Saddlery for $30 in the box with your consignment saddle. You can also call us with your credit card number to pay for the detailing once the saddle has arrived at our store. If your saddle is very dirty or the leather is stiff and dry, Pelham Saddlery reserves the right to refuse your saddle for consignment until detailed.


    • We will evaluate the style, model, condition and current approximate market value of your saddle.

    • We will contact you with a recommended price based on market value, and your minimum selling price before fee.

    • The minimum selling price before fee may or may not be able to be met based on the condition of the saddle and current market value.

    • If we agree with your minimum selling price before fee, there will be no need to contact you and we will just put your saddle out for sale.


    • We sell saddle every day at Pelham Saddlery. We feel strongly that we know the price your saddle should sell at and want to get you the best possible price for your saddle. We do not encourage customers to present offers on saddles, but do allow them to make offers close to the original price on saddles they are definitely ready to purchase. Please inform us if you as to if you would like to accept offers within 10%, 5% or if you would like to remain firm with your pricing.

    • By agreeing to the offers, you are authorizing Pelham Saddlery to automatically accept an offer for your saddle without contacting you. Also, if you choose this option, we will be able to feature your saddle in specials and sales to increase the likelihood of a quicker sale. If you decide to be firm with your pricing, we will not accept any offers on your saddle, nor will we call you with any offers.


    • Your saddle will be allowed to go out on 7-day trials like all of our new and used saddles. We take the following precautions to make sure your saddle is secure whenever it leaves the building at all times:

    • All trials are conducted with full credit card authorizations

    • Saddles are always shipped insured for their full value

    • Our trial policy asks that anyone trying a saddle wraps their stirrup leathers, does not ride in tall boots, chaps or full seat breeches. These precautions will help to minimize any additional wear put on your saddle.

    • Saddles are routinely inspected for wear and damage after trials.

    • Be aware that despite precautions, it is highly likely that your saddle will accrue some wear from trials.

    • If your saddle has an easy-change gullet system (Wintec/Bates/etc.), knowledgeable Pelham staff will be the only ones allowed to change your gullet out.

    • If you would like to move forward with the consignment process, you may bring in your saddle personally or ship it to us.  We are open Mon-Friday 11-4. We are closed weekends.

    IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT send any other items with your saddle (stirrup leathers, saddle covers, irons, girths, etc.) unless the item(s) is/are vital to using the saddle or you would like to have them donated. These items will not increase the selling price of the saddle. Any items sent with the saddle that are not vital to its use WILL BE DONATED to local rescues, horse programs, or other places that the items can be used. 


    • I AGREE TO THE TERMS ABOVE: ____________________________________________________ 


    • When shipping the saddle to us please include in the box a copy of the completed consignment form and a signed copy of this email. Be sure to insure your saddle for the replacement value of the saddle in case the saddle is lost or damaged.

    Our shipping address for UPS or FedEx Shipments (recommended delivered to our door) is:

    53 Windham Rd

    Pelham, NH 03076

    DO NOT SEND SADDLES BY WAY OF US POST OFFICE (not recommended delivered to post office box) please ship to:

    • Please mark ‘CONSIGNMENT’ on the outside of the box. You can find boxes at moving places (i.e., U-Haul, etc.), stationary stores (i.e., OfficeMax, Staples, etc.) or home improvement centers (i.e., Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.) The box should generally be 18 x 18 x 24.  If you use a used box, make sure that the structural integrity of the box is sound (i.e., the sides aren't crumpled or weak), bottom is securely sealed, and all previous shipping labels are torn off and/or blacked out. Tape all corners and seams on the box using packing tape, duct tape, or any heavyweight tape.

    Bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper or paper work very well as packing materials.  We re-use all of these materials. Please do not pack your saddle in peanuts. Absolutely NO big chunks of Styrofoam (i.e., molded forms from computers), chemically activated Styrofoam or plastic wrapped fiberglass. Place some packing material in the bottom of the box, place the saddle in a plastic bag, put the saddle in the box and then fill around the saddle.

    *** BUYER BEWARE: If you choose or have to ship your saddle via a packing store, PACK THE SADDLE YOURSELF AHEAD OF TIME. You may be charged a hefty fee to have your saddle packed for you. It may be wise to call the store for a quote on packing. Generally speaking, it shouldn't cost more than $60 to ship your saddle (GROUND/SURFACE) -including insurance!

    Thank you,

    Pelham Saddlery

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